Moto Moto

Moto Moto is a fun and energetic African-style piece for eight or more players. It has a driving bass line, dove-tailing melody parts, and a challenging triplet build in the middle that combine to make it one of our most popular pieces. We wrote Moto Moto as a commission for our good friend Nikki Turner, a hugely influential percussionist and teacher in the Australian music scene, and we dedicate it to her with much love and gratitude!


Moto Moto


    Players: 8+   

    Duration: 4'   

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Composers: Catherine Betts and Joshua Webster


    • xylophone
    • vibraphone
    • 4.3 octave marimba
    • shekere (or other shakers)
    • djembe (or other hand drum, e.g. congas, bongos etc)
    • medium tom
    • low tom
    • optional wind chimes, rattles and atmospheric sounds

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