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Kaboom Percussion

Kaboom Percussion was founded by Catherine Betts and Joshua Webster in 2014 and since then they have taken the world by storm with their own unique, original and enormously successful repertoire.

Their popular education programs have been extremely well received and they have performed their highly sought-after School Shows to more than 200,000 students across Australia and New Zealand. This huge demand has made Kaboom a full-time job for Cat and Josh.

Since 2021, the Kaboom team has grown to include the highly talented percussionists Aidan Ritchie, Carissa Soares, Grace Kruger, Laura Harris, and Quinn Ramsey. Kaboom now has three permanent school show teams based in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane, allowing for an even greater flexibility in booking and allowing them to reach even more students. You can meet the team below.

At its core, Kaboom are passionate about harnessing the fun side of music, showing the world that music can be played with even the simplest of objects. Sparked by their popular version of the Cup Song, this approach has seen the growth of their YouTube channel to more than 300,000 subscribers, with their popular videos being viewed more than 100 million times.

They are active in a number of different areas including: performances, recordings, touring, composition, commissions, workshops, school residencies, education programs, self-publishing, radio and TV appearances, and YouTube. They regularly attend and present at education conferences including: ASME WA Summer School 2015 - 2024 (Perth), MENZA National Conference 2017 (Wellington), ASME National Conference 2017 & 2019 (Melbourne & Perth), Kodály National Conference 2018 (Perth) and 2024 (Melbourne), ISME Conference 2018 (Azerbaijan), ONZA WA Professional Development Sessions 2018 & 2019 (Perth), Teaching Artists Conference 2019 (Italy), and the Orff National Conference 2020 (Melbourne).

The Kaboom Team

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