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Our School Shows

For nine years we have had the incredible honour of performing more than 1500 shows for over 200,000 students across Australia and New Zealand. Our shows are designed with one goal in mind – to be accessible, inclusive, inspiring, and most importantly, fun! We take immense pride in delivering one of the best touring school shows in the country, and we're humbled to have received amazing testimonials, which you can read below.

Touring in 2023 and 2024, our BRAND-NEW SHOW features an array of never-before-seen instruments, specially crafted by us. Get ready to be amazed by our tin can cimbalom, unique angled marimbas, and marching recycled drum kits, and witness how even the simplest objects can create extraordinary music.

Check out some highlights from our interactive school shows!

Throughout the show, we demonstrate multiple aspects of the science of sound production in fun and engaging ways, while showing students how they can recycle and reuse everyday items to craft their own unique musical creations. The students are at the heart of this interactive experience, as together we explore the captivating world of body percussion to create rhythms and grooves throughout the show.

Our YouTube videos have amassed over 100 million views, but for us, nothing beats the joy and excitement on a student's face during a live music performance. We're thrilled to bring this experience to kids all over Australia in 2023 and 2024.

To complement our live show, you'll receive our comprehensive Teacher Resource Pack. This 105-page PDF includes 110 videos, 34 pieces to learn, worksheets, and reflections that perfectly complement the show. Activities include:

  • Performance Videos

  • Body Percussion Pieces

  • Cups Pieces

  • Chair Drumming Pieces

  • Bucket Drumming Pieces

  • Mallet Play-Alongs

  • Composition Games and Worksheets

  • Inventing a Recycled Instrument

  • School Show Reflections

The flexibility of our Teacher Resource Pack allows you to use it as a preparation tool before our visit to help students get ready for the show, or for reflection and further learning after the performance. If you prefer to experience the show as a stand-alone activity, that's absolutely fine too! Click here to see the curriculum links covered in the school show pack for Foundation to Year 8.

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you inspire and educate your students!



50-60 mins


Kindergarten/Reception to Year 7

Pricing Structure

Full Price

$7/student (plus GST) with a maximum of 350 students per show.

Minimum show cost is $1050 (plus GST).

Schools with an ICSEA below 1000

$6/student (plus GST) with a maximum of 350 students per show.

Minimum show cost is $900 (plus GST).

Small Schools

Flat rate of $700 (plus GST) for schools with fewer than 100 students.

COVID Cancellations

All shows can be rescheduled or cancelled free of charge if affected by lockdowns or COVID restrictions.

Booking Terms and Conditions


ACT September 16 – 20

NSW June 11 – July 5, September 9 – 13

QLD Year round on Mondays and Fridays

SA September 16 – 27

VIC Year round on Thursdays and Fridays

WA Year round preferably on Mondays and Fridays

WA South (Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River) July 15 –19 


Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
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Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows
Kaboom School Shows

We were so impressed with their level of energy, enthusiasm, and skill. The engagement of our whole school for the full hour performance was certainly impressive. The stories, the acting, the magic tricks, set our students giggling – it was lovely to hear children laughing and enjoying the antics of the Kaboom performers. Seriously, this is one of the best and most entertaining acts I’ve seen in a long time! Well done!

Chelsea, Senior Teacher and Music Specialist, Glenview State School, QLD

The Kaboom performance was the most engaged I have seen our students in a school incursion. They all had smiles on their faces from beginning to end and 100% of students eagerly participated. The show demonstrated how easy it was to make music and showed you could use just about anything around you to create music. The show just flowed and was very polished; the duo are skilled, entertaining and had great management of the students. We will definitely book their new show next year.

Maria, Principal, Oakdale Public School, NSW


You were FANTASTIC! The kids loved your show; from the pre-primaries right through to the year 6's. They loved the amazing things you did with everyday objects, the bits of magic, and the way you involved them every step of the way! I would recommend you to any teacher thinking of having Kaboom in their school!

Dale, Music Specialist, Jolimont Primary School, WA

I have had so much positive feedback from students and staff about your show. One quite hard to impress teacher said it was "possibly the best in-school activity we had ever had, across all learning areas, at our school". I know we see just the tip of the iceberg of what you do. The pre-visit resources, the youtube videos, the humour, the genuine care for students and the well crafted show, expertly adjusted for each audience. Particular thanks came from the teachers of our students in Education Support; the 20 minute show was perfect for them. I know you realise how much impact your work has, otherwise you wouldn't continue it. It's phenomonal. Thank you so much.

Jenny, Music Teacher, Success Primary School, WA 

It was terrific to have Kaboom Percussion in our school. The performers were funny, enthusiastic, engaging and very talented. Their show was fast-paced and memorable! All of the students were engaged throughout and gave rave reviews after the performance. It was especially nice to see Laura and Aidan make themselves available to have a chat to any students who had questions at the end of the show. Students loved this opportunity, with Aidan and Laura signing autographs and posing for pictures with them. Thank you so much for bringing such a great experience to the students of our school! We would love to have you back again!

Joel, Performing Arts Specialist, Hamlyn Banks Primary School, VIC

Thanks again for your wonderful show, my year 6's spent the next 2 days practising juggling tricks and four-beat ostinato on percussion. AWESOME INSPIRATION. One teacher said that was the best incursion she has ever seen in all her years of teaching!!

Michelle, Music Specialist, Arbor Grove Primary School, WA

Just wanted to pass on our thanks for such a smoothly run music incursion. Grace and Lochie were absolutely fantastic. The kids were mesmerised by their talents and loved every minute of the show. Many of our staff even made the comment that it was the best incursion they had ever attended! It's all my music classes have wanted to talk about in our music lessons this week. They've certainly been enjoying trying out their own skills on the buckets too!

Lyndall, Music Teacher, St. Michael’s Baulkham Hills, NSW

Thank you so much, and Laura and Nathan for such a fabulous incursion. The kids and teachers absolutely loved it. They were all so inspired. It made me rethink getting back into performance myself.... Laura and Nathan just looked like they were having so much fun. And the resource pack you sent through has been so so good.

Sarah, Music Teacher, Osborne Primary School, VIC

The kids at East Beechboro primary school were really inspired and motivated by the performance this week. They really appreciated the message of persistence and the repurposed materials that make these instruments. I have also had really good feedback from many of the staff that attended. They can see how this can fit into their Science and Technology programs. Thanks so much Josh and Carissa for a professional and entertaining event.

Robyn, Music Specialist, East Beechboro Primary School, WA

We had a fabulous time with Grace and Lochie last Wednesday. The children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the concerts! The performance was excellent and their interaction with the children was fantastic. They are both very skilled and talented musicians – what an asset to your Kaboom team! Can I also congratulate you on the organisation of the information pack and the PDF resource pack. It made life very easy from our end to have such professional documents – thank you!!

Mary, Music Specialist, All Saints Parish Primary School, QLD

A big thank you to Josh, Carissa and yourself (Cat) for running such an amazing incursion for our students! The feedback I've received from staff is so positive and they were all impressed with how engaged our students were with the performance and the wonderful array of instruments.

Debbie, Music Teacher, Malibu School, WA

Thank you! Lochie and Grace were amazing. The students all had such a good time (we had 150 K-2's squirming in time to the beat, which was a fabulous sight). They were fully engaged, and are now excited to make music in weird and wonderful ways. The teachers enjoyed it as much as the students - they were amazed by Grace and Lochie's talents, and one teacher said "in my 30 year's worth of incursion experience, that would have to be in the top 5" and many others said it was "the best music incursion ever".  

Natalie, Music Teacher, Mortdale Public School, NSW

Grace and Lochie were AMAZING. We had so much positive feedback!! The children were totally engaged and the Music Department was impressed by their dynamism and their skill. We were also laughing at different times during the show. We will highly recommend them to others.

Nerida, Music Teacher, West End State School QLD

I have had so much lovely feedback from the students and the teachers! The show was wonderful, very well put together, and targeted the students perfectly! All the students from Prep - 6 were really engaged and haven't stopped talking about and experimenting with what sounds they can make from things around the classroom! Laura and Nathan were so good at grabbing the student's attention, were funny, and had the kids hanging for more. Highly recommend!  

Caitlin, Performing Arts Specialist, Mitcham Primary School, VIC


Josh and Catherine are amazing. Not are they only very talented musicians but the tricks, humour, and presentation of their show kept the kids not only entertained but engaged and on task. They related to the kids level and it showed them how easily music can be found around us everyday. Parents informed me the next day that the kids could not stop raving about Kaboom Percussion when they got home and all they heard in the shower that night was numerous different sounds of body percussion and anything else they could find to hit in the bathroom. Thanks guys for a great show. 

Sarah, Music Specialist, Orana Catholic Primary School, WA

What an amazing experience it was having Kaboom Percussion perform for the students. The enthusiasm was evident from the Preps right up to the Grade 6s. They're already asking if we can have the show back next year! Ha! Even the teachers loved it. Laura and Nathan were fabulous, both in and out of the show. Also I wanted to say that the resources included are brilliant too and the children have been googling Youtube clips as well. Once again thank you very much for your quick email replies and a wonderful and very successful show.  

Melinda, Music Teacher, St Clare's Primary School VIC

Thank you all for putting this together from the incredible resource pack with tutorials through to the amazing show with Lochie and Grace! The kids and teachers here are Clinton have been buzzing with excitement since the performance.

Guy, Music Teacher, Clinton State School QLD

Josh and Carissa were just fantastic. The hour was filled with joy, engagement and laughter. Our students were swept up in rhythms, sounds and humour, completely participating and completely present. A fantastic performance.

Hilary, Deputy Principal, Avonvale Primary WA

We thoroughly enjoyed Lochie & Grace's performance yesterday! A Senior teacher said to me, it was the best school performance show she can ever remember seeing! That said a lot to me! Thank-you so much for all the resources and again for the performance yesterday.

Katheryn, Music Teacher, Worongary State School QLD

Thank you for a wonderful performance. You really are brilliant at what you do. You had so many of our kids focussed, including some who are otherwise often quite disengaged at school or not able to concentrate for any length of time. There was lots of good feedback from staff and EAs about how absorbed the kids were. I've seen a gorgeous video one of the duty teachers took at lunch of some year 3s in the playground who set the plastic sand patch buckets up as a drum station and were going for it with the shovels, "playing Kaboom"! The show is not only entertaining, artistically high-quality and musically educational, but an excellent advocacy platform for music education. I loved that a student asked how you got to be so good and you were able to say that you had great music teachers right from primary school, that you studied at university and that you practiced... it's so important that students (and staff!!) see music as a worthwhile skill that can be developed and that quality music in schools is important. 

Katherine, Music Teacher, Riva Primary School WA

I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how amazing Grace and Lochie were today. The show was so engaging and all of the students loved it. Keeping kindergarten entertained after lunch in week 10 is no mean feat!!

Sara, Deputy Dean of Music, Canberra Girls Grammar Junior School ACT

We really enjoyed your show yesterday. A few of the teachers commented that it was the best show they have seen for a long time! The students loved it and 2 teachers immediately went to your youtube clips when they got back to class because the students requested to see more. Your percussion skills and teamwork were excellent and there was a good variety in the performance, which kept the students interested and engaged. You made music accessible and simple for the students, yet you delivered amazing rhythms and creative tricks which we all loved! Very talented :-) Thanks for the classroom pack as well - I will definitely be using it in my music lessons. Thank you for coming to our school!

Meagan, Music Specialist, Circular Head Christian School, TAS

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much! Josh and Carissa did a fantastic performance for our little chickies (all 200+ of them!) and all of the staff were so impressed with the way that they interacted with our DLD students. We all had so much fun together, the children were so engrossed with the performance and also being able to interact with Josh and Carissa. I was quite moved to see our students' reactions.

Penny, Music Teacher, South East Language Development Centre, WA

Grace and Lochie did an absolutely amazing performance. The kids and teachers were totally engaged and had so much fun. This would have to be my top incursion experience so far! Congratulations on the wonderful program you've created.

Fran, Music Specialist, Our Lady of the Rosary, QLD

They brought in lots of cool homemade instruments like PVC pipes that made all different sounds because of the different sizes. I also loved it when they were drumming on the buckets. And now, everyday in the courtyard at morning tea and lunch, there is a whole heap of kids who make music with cups, buckets and many other things in the courtyard! Thank you to Grace and Lochie for coming! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THE SHOW!!!!

Year 6 Student, Bethany Lutheran School, QLD

The concert was fantastic. Grace and Lochie were fabulous and the feedback from staff and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Hopefully Grace and Lachie had a good day. Thanks for providing a quality touring music program for our kids. I really appreciate it. 

Joanne, Music Teacher, Burgmann Anglican School ACT

We loved having you! The fun, pace and excitement of your versatile show engaged all ages from Kindy to Year 6 and was the perfect blend of music tonic for students and staff to celebrate the end of a wonderful year of achieving together.

Grace, Music Specialist, Banksia Park Primary School, WA

I just wanted to say on behalf of my fellow staff and students a massive thanks to Grace and Lochie for the Kaboom performance today. Both students and staff (including myself) thoroughly enjoyed the performance. All the staff told me how much they were impressed with the musical skills that they had and how they were able to keep the students engaged the whole time (something that not all musical performers that come to school can do or do really well or even us teachers for that long). Most of the students went back to their classes tapping away and even using rulers as drum sticks. As a creative arts teacher, it was a magical thing to see kids inspired creatively. We would definitely love to have Kaboom back next year!

Heidi, Creative Arts Specialist, Sydney Adventist School, NSW

Josh and Cat have devised a wonderfully creative in-school performance, highlighting the diversity of percussion and how music surrounds us everywhere we go and with everything we use. Students are engaged through story-telling, magic tricks, inclusive composition and obviously professional percussion playing! A superb show!

Chiara, Head of Music, Iona Presentation College, WA

Kaboom Percussion Show inspired our students, from Kindergarten to Year 6, to find the ‘music’ within them and to see how it can be brought to the fore in practical ways using everyday items!  Within days, I was witnessing new and original rhythmic items in classrooms.  It left us all ‘pumped’ for musical performance!  Thanks, Cat and Josh!

Angela, Principal, Immaculate Heart College, WA

Our students were so engaged and loved every minute of the show with Grace and Lochie. Feedback from the class teachers was that many students went back to class with hands and feet that couldn't stop tapping! We received so much positive feedback, including a video of a Year 3 student who went home and set up an amazing percussion space with cushions, pots, whisks, wooden spoons and a jar of rice. 

Gabby, Music Specialist, Siena Catholic Primary School, QLD

Kaboom Percussion provided an entertaining, informative and interactive performance at Woodbridge Primary School. I particularly liked their use of everyday objects to create percussion sounds; this motivated the students to follow-up with their own drumming and percussion at home. The students were engaged for the whole performance and Catherine and Joshua maintained great crowd control with humour and a variety of activities. I would highly recommend this school incursion.

Nicola, Music Specialist, Woodbridge Primary, WA

I have had many teachers comment that the performance was terrific. The students were engaged the whole time and readily participated in the energetic rhythm activities. It was great to see so many children want to ask questions at the end which demonstrates how interested they were in your show.

Fiona, Music Specialist, Boyare Primary School, WA

Thank you for the wonderful performance. The students and staff alike loved Josh and Carissa, particularly those who had the opportunity to stay back and have a chat with them after the show.  They will always be welcome at Kelmscott Primary School.

Travis, Performing Arts Specialist, Kelmscott Primary School

Lochie and Grace were absolutely fantastic yesterday! The kids loved the shows from Kindy all the way to Year 6. Even some of our non-teaching staff were able to come down and watch snippets of their performances and we were all very impressed with their talent, skill and the way they both interacted with the students.

Jennifer, Classroom Teacher, Epping Public School, NSW

WOW! WOW! WOW! Cat and Josh....WHAT A SHOW! You are two very talented musicians who have brought the reality of 'Music is Everywhere' to our students in our school. This entertaining and engaging show had us all sitting on the edge of our seats wondering what new routine would be next! Clever, humorous, engaging, interactive and fun are some of the words that come to mind after viewing your show. It has provided motivation for a rich percussion programme to be implemented at our school. A comment made by a staff member today was, "My kids got back to class and started drumming on anything they could find, including each other!! I also showed my two sons video footage of the show tonight (they are 7 and 9 years old) and one of my boys started composing his own body Percussion with a resemblance of someone who had ants in their pants yet he seemed to be enjoying himself. My other son....ran for the kitchen cupboards to grab the cups nearest to him to give them a good go, then ran to the broomstick to try and copy your routines (some dirt and dust may have fallen on his head in the process) followed by this little one pulling every musical instrument out of the tub and creating his own music. MUSIC WAS ALIVE in our house, all thanks to your talents, hard work and inspiration! 

I would highly recommend this show to any school, it was well worthwhile and has made a positive, long term effect on how music can and will be exposed to our students! Thanks again Cat and Josh!

Lisa, Music and Performing Arts Specialist, Hammond Park CPS, WA

Today was awesome! The kids and teachers absolutely loved it and were so inspired. Please send a massive thank you to Grace and Lochie. They were FANTASTIC. Thank you again. We will definitely have you guys back in the future!

Chloe, Creative Arts Specialist, Lane Cove West Public School, NSW

Thanks for a fantastic show on Tuesday. The children and staff really enjoyed your performance. On Wednesday morning I was met at the door by two very excited brothers who had been inspired to go home and create their own cup routine. The most important thing is that you both inspired them to be creative and they totally enjoyed themselves. Thank you!!! I have had nothing but positive feedback from both staff and students. AMAZING, has been a response that has been expressed by all.Today the year ones were trying to work out the way that the water appeared in the cups! HA!  MAGIC!!!!

Here are some comments, about the performance, from our year 5 students:

  • It was fabulous and inspiring. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can to do music! CHELSEA

  • They showed us that you actually don’t need professional equipment to make music but you can use things around you to create music. NAWAAL

  • They had the student’s jaws wide open and in awe of their performance. SHAYLA

  • They inspire children because they showed us that you don’t have to be perfect to create music. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can still create music. REYNE

  • I thought they were very clever with the way they used magic and I really liked their cup performance. It was my favourite incursion, ever! RIAN

  • They left us thinking of all the magic in music!!! TAKSH

An absolutely amazing performance!

Silvana, Music Specialist, Illawarra Primary School, WA

It would have to be one of the best shows I have experienced in more years than I care to remember. Kids were really enthralled. Top job.

Kathleen, Year 1/2 Teacher, Nannup District High School, WA

The students and staff have told me how wonderful it was and engaging for the students.

Felicity, Principal, Nannup District High School, WA


Vibrant! Energetic! Talented! Engaging students of all year levels. Without physically giving each student an instrument they taught the students that they can use parts of their bodies to make music and that is something you always have with you. They have equipped the students (and myself!) with knowledge and skills to make our own music without using expensive equipment. I would recommend any school to get Kaboom Percussion to enrich their music program.

Hannelie, Music Specialist, South Coast Baptist College, WA

Thank you so much for yesterday - the kids are still buzzing about the performance and arguing about how the magic was done. It really has fitted in well with my music program as the children are about to start their own soundscapes using whatever they can find to produce sound...the performance has given many of them a great starting point. The teachers also agreed that you your performance was one of the best we have had in the school. You had the kids from start to finish and left them wanting more - you guys rock!!!

Erin, Music Specialist, Kewdale Primary School, WA

Thank you so much for coming to Tatachilla yesterday and performing for us. The students, and staff, really enjoyed it. I had a Yr 4 class in the afternoon and as part of their soundscapes they were creating, they were using some of the ideas that they had seen in the morning! Great learning!

Sue, Music Specialist, Tatachilla Lutheran College, SA

Kaboom Percussion. WOW!!! Inspiring and engaging from Rec right through to our year 6's. Truly exceptional musicians with a magical twist to engage primary aged students. Contemporary and wonderfully entertaining. My students are still talking about the performance a week later. I highly recommend this vibrant duo who bring music education to life. 

Nikki, Junior School Music Teacher, Emmaus Christian College, SA

Thank you for all that you have done for our students at Koondoola. The kids are extremely motivated to work on their performances after being inspired by your show, videos and the encouragement and guidance you gave them during the workshop. They loved your routines and were engaged the whole time….they call you ‘the magical musicians’. The activities in the classroom pack has further enhanced their learning and have been easy to implement in the classroom. We are looking forward to seeing your next show. We are really lucky to have you residing in WA.

Michelle, Music Specialist, Koondoola Primary School, WA

Kaboom Percussion spent the day with a variety of classes at Redlands College. The students are still talking about Cat and Josh and were most inspired by not only the technical ability of Kaboom but also their fun and friendly performance. They are not only incredible, educational, fun musicians - they are also theatrical and acrobatic. They involve the students and teach them how to make choices for song writing through rhythmic patterns using cups and other variety of body percussion. I would highly recommend them to any school. Thank you Kaboom!!!

Anita, Music Specialist, Redlands College, QLD

Thank you so much for coming. All teachers and students were very impressed by your performance, saying how engaging and fun it was. They loved every moment, reflecting on your high standard of musicality, your energy, your magic, your love for the students and your fun loving ways. It was a great end of term event and has inspired our students to try interesting ways to make music.

Joy, Classroom Teacher, Nambucca Valley, NSW

We absolutely loved having Kaboom Percussion visit our school. Cat and Josh totally captivated our students and teachers with their musical prowess, humor, magic tricks and finesse with drumming sticks! Interactive and inspiring, thank you so much for sharing your passion and performance with our school!

Alison, Music Specialist, Karrinyup Primary School, WA

In speaking with the staff who attended the incursion, they spoke extremely positively about the performance. The children from Pre-Primary to Year 6 were highly engaged throughout the performance and the interaction with students was wonderful. Many of the teachers are making use of the YouTube videos and it has been great to see children creating percussion performances during recess and lunch times.

Jayson, Assistant Principal, St Vincent's School, WA

Thanks so much for a fantastic, interactive show. The kids really enjoyed it. The little kids really loved the cups and the magic aspects of your show as well as the story! Many just said they loved all of it and couldn’t pick a favourite part. The new deputy said it was the best show he’d seen in a school for a long time and another teacher said that she could tell you were professional musicians and what you’re doing in schools is brilliant. 

Natalie, Music and Arts Specialist, Warradale Primary School, SA

Thank you so very much for coming out to Manchester Primary School. The students who attended have not stopped talking about the performance! They were super thrilled and awe struck by your talents and skills. I would also love to say that all teachers who attended even for a short while were amazed by the whole production and talent both of you have with music and performance. Everyone here really enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you once again and I look forward to booking a show or workshop with Kaboom Percussion in the future. 

Emily, Performing Arts Teacher, Manchester Primary School, VIC

Kaboom Percussion were amazing from the very first beat of their dynamic and inclusive show. All our students loved every minute of their high-energy performances, and continue to be inspired by their many musical and 'magical' talents.

Yenny, Strings Director and Music Teacher, Dee Why Public School, NSW

Kaboom Percussion provided a fantastic show which was educational and engaging. Cat and Josh displayed superb musicianship and performance skills and made the world of percussion a magical place for our students to explore. They absolutely loved it and are still talking about the incursion weeks later!

Jenny, Music Specialist, Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, VIC

Thankyou again for your wonderful performance. Your energy, the variety of activities, your engagement of the students and audience participation was outstanding. The staff have all said how amazing your show was and that it was one of the best we have had at our school. The students came out saying "that was awesome!" It was great to see them at recess and lunchtime, tapping seats, clapping, drumming and trying to work out how you did the magic tricks. Parents have commented that their kids haven't stopped talking about the show and wished they could have seen it too. 

Henrietta, Ellison Public School, NSW

Kaboom Percussion brought to the stage a well-executed and well-rehearsed performance. Their out of the box thinking and their cool, funky ideas on what you can play to make sound made for an amazing performance.

Year 7 Student, Iona Presentation College, WA

Thank you so much for coming and performing at our school yesterday! The kids thought you guys were the best show ever!!! We would really love you to come back next year. 

Jo, Grade 1/2 Teacher, Portland North Primary School, VIC

Thank you so much for one of the best incursions our school has ever had. The kids are still raving about how fantastic the performance was. We had lunch boxes being used as drums, body percussion in classrooms and the playground and one of our teachers had drumsticks out using the tables and chairs. We were so excited to see our whole school engaged in this wonderful performance. Your enthusiasm, technical skill and professional manner made for a modern and thoroughly entertaining show which was a winner with us all. So thank you again, you were exceptional.

Emma, Cudgen Public School, NSW

Cat and Josh put on such an engaging performance for the students. They have inspired them to make music from anything! Weeks after the performance, students are still asking to watch their youtube videos and trying to work out their clever tricks! They also differentiated the show to cater for the infants and primary students. Would highly recommend.

Vanessa, Music Specialist, Our Lady of the Rosary School, NSW

This interactive, vibrant, magical, funny and thoroughly entertaining musical performance in the school hall was just brilliant. Many students have since come to me with their own personal ideas involving simple body percussion or everyday objects -so they have been inspired! What has been remarkable is that it is often the students you least expect to engage with who have come up with great ideas - demonstrating how profound the power of music can be. As Richard Gill states: “Rhythm is at the heart of all music” & for me Kaboom Percussion demonstrates this admirably.  I was able to access the website beforehand to prepare the students & the follow up activities will be very useful in coming months. Josh & Cat - I have always wanted to have you perform at the school since I witnessed your performance at ASMEWA Summer School some years ago. My heartfelt thanks to you both for all your hard work & my personal best wishes for a wonderful career in music wherever it may take you.

Mary, Primary Music Specialist, Our Lady of Lourdes CPS, WA


Thank you so much for yesterday. The school was still buzzing with excitement. The Preprimaries were asking if they could go again, teachers were commenting on the fantastic incursion, parents were commenting on how enjoyable it was. Children still couldn't work out how one egg became two... They loved when Josh got confetti all over him. The broom stick sword fight was also a favorite. The biggest vote though was "How did they do that with the cups!"Amazingly, all of the upper primary seem to remember... "Don't make me stand up! Don't make me have fun! Don't make me join in! I just want to sit back down!" We have realised that we can be musicians without anything in our hands... we can use our bodies... body percussion has taken on a whole new meaning! Kaboom percussion were great to work with as far as the whole school planning side... Cat responded very quickly to my inquiries, which helped with getting the paperwork done. I highly recommend Kaboom Percussion School Show for an excellent educational experience. Thankyou Cat and Josh.

Alison, Music Specialist, Malvern Springs Primary School, WA

Kaboom Percussion delivered such an incredibly fun incursion with just the right balance of amazing performances and audience participation. The students were in awe as they watched Cat and Josh flip cups, throw and catch drumsticks and made things appear out of thin air! They were engaged throughout the entire 60-minute session and learnt how we can create music using objects in our everyday life. The teachers were also thoroughly impressed and told me later that day how their students immediately started drumming with anything they could find as soon as they got back to their classroom! I would highly recommend Kaboom Percussion to any school as they'll capture your imagination and introduce you to another dimension of music you've never thought of before!

Gina, Music Specialist, Wembley Primary School, VIC

Absolutely amazing! KABOOM Percussion is an exciting and engaging way for students to discover and learn about music. Cat and Josh are two extremely talented musicians with a clear passion for music and education. Filled with humour and magic, this jaw-dropping, toe-tapping experience is highly recommended for all students and teachers!

Jen, Classroom Teacher, Epping Public School, NSW

Cat and Josh were amazing to watch and performed many rhythms and tricks, using body parts, drums, chairs, buckets and cups. Overall, it was an amazing experience, and we hope to see them again.

Student, Epping Public School, NSW

Kaboom presented a wonderfully interactive performance that had our whole school K-6 engaged and involved for the full hour. A perfect mix of musical excellence, audience participation, drama, magic and circus which inspired and delighted students and teachers alike.

Angela, Music Specialist, The Launceston Preparatory School, TAS

Cat and Josh’s performance and humour thoroughly entertained the whole school, and their drumming and magic skills left us in total awe. And yet, their ability to match the students’ skillset to demonstrate how easy it is to create a complete piece of music left us feeling empowered in our creativity and totally inspired to continue on in this journey. There were only praises from the students, who can’t wait for another visit from Kaboom Percussion. They thought Cat and Josh were fabulous, cool, funny… my favourite is that they were "awesomely amazing!!!".

Jeen, Music Specialist, Pickering Brook Primary School & Walliston Primary School, WA

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