Our Workshops

Perfect as a follow-up to a school show, part of a music camp, holiday program, or stand-alone event, our workshops are designed to give essential skills development in a fun and engaging way. We tailor our workshops to suit your exact needs, including the areas of focus, number of participants, and duration.



45-60 mins


Kindergarten/Reception to Year 12, all ages and abilities

Group Size

We prefer to work with class sizes of 30 students. Additional costs apply for larger groups.

Pricing Structure

*Prices are the same for both Aus & NZ. Please add GST for Australian schools.

45 minute sessions: $300 per session (plus GST for Australian schools)

60 minute sessions :$350 per session (plus GST for Australian schools)

Booking Terms and Conditions

 we also offer   virtual workshops 

ACT September 19th – 23rd

NSW May 23rd – June 3rd, September 12th – 16th

QLD Year round on Mondays and Tuesdays

SA June 27th – July 8th

TAS March 28th – April 8th

VIC Year round on Thursdays and Fridays

WA Year round


ACT August 16th – 20th

NSW August 9th – 13th

QLD Brisbane Year round on Tuesdays and Wednesdays Regional October 11th – 22nd

SA September 20th – 24th

TAS September 13th – 24th

VIC Year round on Thursdays and Fridays

WA Perth Terms 3 and 4 Pilbara  August 23rd – 27th

Music for Schools
Music Incursion
Music Incursions

We offer workshops in the following areas:


Our composition workshop is designed to empower participants to unleash their own creativity through a guided approach to our easy composition method. Participants will leave having composed their own piece, and with the confidence and knowledge to continue in the future. 




Perfect for bands, orchestras, or any other ensembles, our ensemble skills workshop is designed to transform the way the members think about playing in an ensemble. Through a series of games and exercises, students will be coached on how to listen, how to take responsibility as leaders, and how to work as a unified ensemble.




We are both passionate about playing in percussion ensembles, having both worked extensively in them for the past fifteen years. This passion for us began in our school ensembles and we love to inspire that same passion in other students. We can work with your students on any pieces they are currently playing, or any of our ensemble repertoire, as well as general ensemble skills and percussion playing techniques.




One of the challenges of leading a band or ensemble is being able to assist the percussionists with their parts. Our Percussion Skills for Teachers workshop is designed to give you the fundamentals of the correct playing techniques for a range of common percussion instruments, instrument set-up and section layout suggestions, mallet/stick choice recommendations, as well as other insights that we have garnered through years of working professionally in bands and orchestras.

School Incursions Australia
Incursions Australia


I would like to thank you for your recent visit to Kalamunda Senior High School. The performances were brilliant and your synchronicity is truly remarkable! The students were engaged and you delivered the workshops in an effective manner that was both entertaining and educational. Your manner with the students was always very professional and well-paced and perfectly pitched to the year seven and eight musical level of the students.

Marcus, Head of Music, Kalamunda Senior High School

The workshop for the students was engaging and inspiring. Their strategies for composition were broken down to making very simple choices, which demonstrated the ease of making decisions, both individually and when working as a team. 

Jeen, Music Specialist, Pickering Brook Primary School & Walliston Primary School

The workshop was inspiring and the Classroom Pack will prove helpful to get the students to develop their own ideas into a performance for their graduation. I thought your performance and  manner was really appropriate for the age group  (year 6) and their skill ability. Congratulations on a really skillful and entertaining workshop  presentation.

Julie, Music Specialist, Freshwater Bay Primary School


Music Incursions