Sae Sae Kaalae is an easy and very accessible African-style piece which is well suited to beginner ensembles. The piece encourages players to dance around and have fun while on stage (which can be a challenging thing for many ensembles!) and the opportunity to swapparts in the middle of the piece will add an extra challenge!

Sae Sae Kaalae


    Players: 7+   

    Duration: 5'

    Difficulty: Easy

    Composers: Catherine Betts and Joshua Webster


    The instrumentation of this piece is designed to be super flexible. You
    can use whatever mallet instruments you have available to you, for
    example in our video we have used a xylophone (for the ostinato
    parts), one 4.3 octave marimba (for the melody, accompaniment and
    bass parts) and a djembe.


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Images by Nik Babic Photography and To Dream A Story

Artwork by Bryan Vyner