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classroom marimba series

We are excited to bring our favourite marimba pieces to your classroom with our Classroom Marimba Packs!

Available as direct digital downloads, each pack contains one of our favourite marimba pieces aimed at students in primary school. Each pack comes with the score and multiple versions of the parts: easy-read with note names, easy-read without note names, and a full performance part. Every piece has four tuned parts: Melody 1, Melody 2, Accompaniment, and Bass, which are suitable for any type of Marimba, Xylophone or Metallophone, as well an optional Drum part for whatever drums you may have access to.

You will also receive play-along backing tracks at different speeds, which means you can choose to play fewer than four parts and it will still sound great! Grab yours today!!

All our classroom marimba series are available as DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. You will receive a download link to the email address you enter when checking out. If you have a school purchase order number please send us an email. Please note purchases in Australia will incur a 10% GST charge.

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